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the proof is in the pudding

Want to see what we can do? Fill your boots with an array of photos and films from previous weddings we've captured. 

If you think you're going to be nervous in front of the camera, we've got you babes. Unless you're an actor or a model, then we understand that being in front of the camera won't feel natural - we'll work with you to make sure you're super comfortable and capture the candid goodness that unfolds on your day. But if you want a bit of hype to bring out those high-energy films and photos, then we'll match you on that. 

portfolio of wedding photographer and videographer

or videography?

max & lori

It's giving queer and trans joy with those smoke grenades. Max & Lori's elopement at Burgh Island Hotel was ICONIC.

Lori walking the cliff-top "aisle" brought tears, the scenic backdrops were cinematic AF and the skinny-dip in the sea at the end of the day was literally the icing on the cake.

ashleigh & stacey

Ash & Stace are two of our best friends, so this film is a bit longer than our normal ones - but so worth the watch! After almost a decade together, they finally tied the knot on a scorching day in Arundel. The speeches were hilariously epic, the first look down the aisle was pure wholesomeness, and the energy of the day was next level.

lauren & craig

Lauren & Craig's wedding at The Clock Barn was an epic champagne-sprayin', sunshinin', best-people-havin', pizza-eatin', musical-dashin' kind of day! These lot knew how to celebrate in style, and we loved capturing every moment of this unforgettable wedding. 

the mattrimony

Get ready to dive into 'The Mattrimony' - Matt & Matt's wedding adventure through Bristol City! Consisting of four venues, including dinner at The Old Fire Station to a river boat cruise, and a fabulous finale at a pub with a drag queen DJ, this day was pure magic! Don't miss the surprise dance that left their guests mouths-wide-open... including us!

shana & laurence

These two brought all the energy to their Sorrento, Italy wedding, the day was an absolute vibe! Laurence maybe even bought too much energy, resulting in a bloopers reel at the end. It was a day filled with laughter and love surrounded by their closest family and friends, all under the scorching sun. More Italy weddings please....

Queer Bundle Showreel
Lauren & Jude | Proposal Film
Doranne & Dan | Highlights Reel
Megan & Danny | Feature Film
Krishna & Lakhan | Highlights Reel

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